It is very important that you know how long and how often you should use your Aurora LightPad Mini. This knowledge can mean the difference between successfully responding to light and not responding at all.

Starting Light Therapy

We recommend starting light therapy by staying approximately 40 inches from the Aurora LightPad Mini for 30 minutes in the morning, within the first hour after waking up.

Over the course of a week, you can either move closer to the light until you are within two feet for the 30 minutes or increase your time spent by building up to two hours.

Within 10 days of starting light therapy, you should be waking up earlier and or feeling an increase of energy. If not, try adding five minutes a day to your time spent in front of the light.

Duration and intensity

Most people get beneficial results from 15 to 45 minutes of usage each day. You can start using the Aurora LightPad Mini at 50% intensity and increase the light intensity if you feel no response after a week.


Using the Aurora LightPad Mini at any time of day directly affects your alertness. The best time to use it is in the morning. Do not use the Aurora LightPad Mini late in the evening. If you use it within 2 hours of going to bed, it could disrupt your sleep. This can be different if you suffer from certain types of insomnia or with jet lag.

If you find it difficult to get up each day without an alarm clock or if you often sleep in, you need morning light. Use your Aurora LightPad Mini within the first hour after waking up.

If you find it difficult to stay awake in the late evening and wake up too early in the morning, you need evening light. Use your Aurora LightPad Mini before you start to feel drowsy. But be aware of the time you spend in front if it.

Since everyone’s circadian rhythm is unique, Aurora LightPad Mini users may need light at different times of day for maximum effectiveness.

*You should consult your physician or therapist to determine your best schedule for use. They will help you with a daily schedule to aid in restoring a strong circadian rhythm.


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