We have put together a comparison chart of other LED light boxes to show you how our SAD Light boxes are truly the best value.


Compare Us vs. Our Competitors

There are a lot of different light therapy products available on the market, so choosing the right light box can be a difficult decision. To make an educated decision, there are several important factors you should consider:

Light Intensity

The intensity of the light should be 10,000 lux. This is a standard light intensity in the industry. One lux is equivalent to one candle burning in a completely darkened room. Light boxes that emit less than 10,000 lux may be ineffective. The intensity of your light box may also determine how far you sit from it and the length of time you need to use it. Our 10,000 lux light box usually requires a 30 minute session, while a 2,500 lux light box may require a two hour session.


Think about where you will want to use your light box. Keep in mind; most light boxes have to be used with you positioned within a foot of them. With our light box, you can be positioned within two feet of you. Make sure the light box you choose can be positioned appropriately and still maintain the 10,000 lux range.

No UV Light

Make sure the box you are buying is specifically for SAD or depression. Any light therapy box you use should be UV free. Light therapy boxes that emit UV light can damage your eyes if used incorrectly.

No Blue/Red Light

What kind of light does the light box use? Blue light is more energetic than white light, which has raised concern with ophthalmologists because blue light can damage the retina and increase the risk for macular degeneration. Red light therapy is associated with the treatment of skin disorders and is characterized by infrared light which is directed at the skin.

LED Lights

LEDs are more efficient and lighter in weight than standard lights; they also do not emit any UV rays. LEDs provide long life, pure white light, and are shock and vibration resistant. They serve to reduce the unit's size and weight, yet deliver a full 10,000 lux of light. Long life and reduced energy is what makes LED lamps so valuable. You will never have to replace an LED bulb.


Some light therapy products are bulkier than others, so consider this when buying. Choose a light box that fits your lifestyle and daily routine so that it will be convenient for you to use regularly. Decide when you'll use the light box and what you'll be doing at that time so you can select a light box that you can use while engaging in that activity.